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Meet Sarah Jane

Sponsored by:

Bill & Iris Sea




Outside Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day, June 2nd 2001

Her soft, dappled coat suggests the shimmering play of light upon water. On her back, a fluted seashell serves as a saddle. A horse inspired by earth and sea, that's Sarah Jane. 

Whether living in California or Oregon, the West Cost has become home to Bill and Iris Sea, whose family name and history are reflected in the design of this lively mare. Though their adopted horse was already under construction, the Seas personalized her. Iris carved the cluster of grapes that ride on Sarah Jane's shoulder to recognize their sone Kevin, a CPA with a degree in winemaking. Daughter Cynthia, a family psychologist, is represented by her birthstone, a ruby that twinkles in Sarah Jane's bridle.

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