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Dear Carousel Friends,


We hope this letter finds you in good health and safe-keeping as we round out the end of 2022. As part of our Carousel family, we’ve shared an amazing history, building on the goals of our founders and keeping things going for the past 21 years. From our humble beginnings to our current operations, Salem’s Riverfront Carousel strives to run as a sustainable organization with programs that contribute toward the general health and welfare of all who come here. It’s never been more evident than during these trying times the incredible living legacy and valued gathering place we’ve created together! Contributions like yours have never played a more vital role in our ability to demonstrate that to the public and in our ongoing success. We are more than just a ride because of you. THANK YOU!

Our goals for 2023 remains the same: Keep the doors open, keep the ride going, keep our volunteers engaged and moving forward to building the Stable Annex Artisan Studio. The most important part of our mission’s promise is to keep the dream alive of providing a family-fun environment. We’re counting on your shared enthusiasm with your next financial contribution. Donate today! Help us keep that promise and our future dreams within our reach for 2023 and beyond. With our deepest gratitude we wish all the best for you and yours in the coming holidays.


Warm regards,

Marie Bradford-Blevins

Executive Director


P.S. Whether you donate $50 or $500 you can make your donation in a variety of ways; online, by mail or in person. We can help set up monthly pledges, future gifts and bequests or apply your payment to designated areas like our Artisan Studio or endowment fund. Either way, every dollar counts, every donor matters and it has never been easier to give. 

Make a donation today!

Make a contribution
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and mail the
contribution form to:
Salem's Riverfront Carousel
101 Front St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
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