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Our Carousel Band Organ

Sponsored by:

Commander Bernard "Bud" Deacon

He wouldn't call it a carousel. "I like the word 'merry-go-round' better because it conveys merriment, joy," said Retired US Navy Commander Bernard Deacon, the 88-year-old Good Samaritan who literally gave a voice to Salem's Riverfront Carousel. With a $65,000 gift, Deacon sponsored the purchase of the splendid, full-voiced band organ that fills the building with spirited, toe-tapping tunes. "I wanted to buy the music," he explained, dedicating his gift to his own seven grandchildren and children everywhere who will come to ride Salem's Carousel.

Though Deacon passed away before the carousel's completion, he never missed a chance to promote the project. "People don't realize how much good you are doing with the depth and magnitude of a project like this," he told supporters. "Each horse creates its own happiness and good feelings."

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