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Meet Heather

Sponsored by:

Caren Jackson





Inside Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day - June 2nd, 2001

With horses, love is an investment of faith. It's said that a horse will absorb every ounce of care that it's shown, be it a gentle touch or kind word. Though the gratitude returned isn't measured in words, you know the love it there. Such is the case with the original Heather, a special little girl with profound multiple disabilities who came into the life of Caren Jackson many years ago.


Sweet but silent, Heather would never be able to hear, never find a way to form the words to express her own thoughts. It was through Heather that Caren came to realize that the language of love doesn't always require words. With that in mind, she chose to sponsor a carousel horse in honor of heather, a little girl whose life has blessed people in unexpected ways.

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