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Meet Maudie Ann

Sponsored by:

Parviz & Maudie Samiee




Outside Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day - June 2nd, 2001

She's a wee bit of a carousel horse, intended to appeal to the smallest of riders. But to Parviz and Maudie Samiee, who've adopted this tiny pinto, helping little ones is second nature. They have a habit of acting with their hearts, taking in dogs, cats, fish, birds, and quite often, people. The Salem couple had already raised five children when they adopted four little girls from China. When Maudie's mother was battling cancer, they insisted she come to live with them. When a child's friend left home, they took him in. When a beloved private school hit upon hard times, they adopted it, financing the operations for the past 18 years. Salem's Riverfront Carousel project was launched while the Samiees were in China adopting their fourth child. They later learned that a foal would be offered for adoption at an auction: Maudie felt it was a small miracle. "The Carousel is a gift to the children of Salem," Maudie explained. "It will provide a place for families to do something wonderful together. It should create much joy."

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