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Meet Nugget

Sponsored by:

Arbuckle Costic Architects, Inc.




Outside Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day - June 2nd, 2001

"Make new friends, but keep the old: one is silver and the other gold..."

The words have been sung over hundreds of Western campfires, a tune that reminds us of the latest value of friends. As a child, on of Kim Arbuckle's closest friends was of the four-legged variety - a handsome palomino trail horse called Nugget. It seemed as if the Arbuckle family, of Salem, always had horses. Nugget was considered a family horse.


Dun-colored with white points, he was one of Kim's constant boyhood companions. As a youngster, Kim rode the horse in 4-H programs, in parades, on trail rides, and at the beach. In fact, he could often be found with his nose buried in a book sitting bareback astride the beloved family horse. It was a portrait of contentment.


The original Nugget was worth his wait in gold to the Arbuckle children. His carousel namesake offers visitors a peek into the paste - the adventure of a spirited Wester trail ride, the sentiment of childhood remembrance. In this way, Nugget will always be a treasure.

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