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Meet Rosinante

Sponsored by:

Bill & Sue Morrison

Bob & Sandie Pattison




Middle Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day - June 2nd, 2001

It was an impossible dream, of course - Don Quixote's curious gift for seeing his broken-down old nag as a strong, noble stallion. But all the world loves a dreamer. Just as Bob & Sue Morrison and Bob & Sandie Pattison. For these two couples, the grandiose dreams of the gallant, self-made hero, Don Quixote, have long been a shared delight. Though they briefly flirted with the idea of crafting a comical, brown-down carousel horse, the couples decided to honor Quixote's unique vision, designing a horse fit for a nobleman. 

If the Salem carousel was a dream in the making, Rosinante is yet one more piece of it. For it was the magic of a dreamer that turned an old hag into a noble steed, the magic of dreamers that brought a carousel to life.

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