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Meet Ruby Rose

Sponsored by:

Mell & Eva Schwartz



First Ride:


She may be a "reserve" horse, but don't be fooled. There's nothing reserved about this sweet, stylish rosebud of a filly. Her pale palomino coat is accented with a garland of roses - gorgeous crimson blossoms that circle her neck and adorn her saddle. Keeping with the color scheme, bright red cherries dance along the hem of her pastel saddle blanket. A glistening "ruby" adorns her bridle. 

The Schwartzes tried to include their entire family in Ruby Rose's design, and did so in style. Her saddle blanket bears three jewels, one for each of Mell and Eva's sons. Four stones along the bridle represent their grandchildren, more precious to their proud grandparents than rubies. 

Keep your eyes open for this "reserve" horse who's counted on to help out in a pinch - as certain to appear as the roses that return to Oregon each summer.

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