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Meet Tropical Breeze

Sponsored by:

Bernard & Selma Brown




Middle Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day - June 2nd, 2001

The warmth of the South Pacific islands radiates in the sunny trappings of Tropical Breeze. Seashells, starfish and lush, exotic blossoms adorn this cheery mount, a seaside theme inspired by the shores that grace Oregon and Hawaii. Beaches in both states carry special meaning for Bernard and Selma Brown, who make their home in Oregon, but have long enjoyed the tropical climes of Hawaii. In fact, Maui has become a natural gathering place for their entire family.

Though Oregon may be famed for its fog and winter rain, Tropical Breeze offers carousel riders a trip to the islands in sunny style. With this horse, the seahorse is always a short ride away - as close as your own imagination.

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