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Meet West Wind

Sponsored by:

Salemtowne Retirement Community




Middle Ring

First Ride:

Opening Day - June 2nd, 2001

Carousels have the power to captivate - just as Frankye White. Known as "The Carousel Lady" at Salemtowne Retirement Community, Frankye never misses a chance to ride a carousel. So when friends described a remarkable carousel they had seen in Montana, Frankye was determined to help bring the same miracle to Salem. West Wind is a pale, creamy dapple carved with strong, detailed features. Note the delicate craftsmanship along the face, veins that seem to bulge with unseen energy, and a made tousled and tossed. When it came to name their horse, Salemtowne residents held a contest and cast their votes. The winning entry was submitted by Hazel Clark, who was met by a strong westerly breeze as she was leaving the carousel painting studio one day. West Wind it was - a horse designed by seniors for the young at heart.

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